About Impact! Miniatures

Impact! Miniatures was started by gamers to bring to life gaming products for the community on April 24, 2006. Impact! brings a mix of miniatures that they felt were missing along with conversion sprues to help gamers make better custom pieces. Impact! also aims to help the community by giving an easy outlet for amateur sculptors to have their work cast or for tournament organizers to have their own custom giveaways created.


Tom Anders (GalakStarscraper)

Tom is the President of Impact!. He had always wished that someone would open a miniature company that would make figures that gamers needed rather than just what the sculptor de jour wanted to sculpt. When presented with the idea for Impact!, Tom knew this was a company he could get behind. Tom introduced the concept of Targeted Impact and reached out to Phil Bowen and managed to get Impact! a license to produces the Phigs lines. In addition to being President, Tom handles the shipments for Impact! for North America.


Chris Adkerson (mrin_prophet)

Chris joined Impact! as a partner on July 1, 2010. Chris works as an institutional investment consultant. He grew up playing many different role-playing games, particularly D&D, and board games. He is an avid sports fan and is passionate about fantasy sports board games. He brings many fresh marketing and growth concepts to the company..



Ramsay McPherson (Norse)

Ramsay began painting miniatures in 1987 and become interested in fantasy football games in 1996 while working for a major gaming company. He was one of the original Impact! partners and remains part of the board for the company but without profit or voting rights.


Gavin Sutton (Valen)

Gavin has been playing fantasy football games since 1989. He can often be found at the bar near a fantasy football tourney. Gavin is a lifetime honourary partner of Impact! He was one of the original Impact! partners and remains part of the board for the company but without profit or voting rights.


Impact! supporters:

A huge thanks to Ewan for getting Impact! started up as a real company and more than just a discussion and to TiMuN who helped get our website up and running so that Impact! was more than just an idea that Ewan had.

A number of TalkBloodBowl folks have also helped these 4 with ideas, suggestions, sculpting, and painting to help get the company up, off, and running and Impact! would like to extended a HUGE thanks for those folks as well:
brownrob, Dark Lord (Eric Reiter), Evil Git (Andy Horton), Fubar, mattrobson, Sallacious, Underdog, and Urb



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