OOP Impact! range

These are miniatures that Impact! has produced at some point since we opened but no longer sell.

Pro Elf Specialists & Star Players

TC_EFPS - £12.72

Chaos Cup Set of 7

LI_CCUP - £55.00

Chibi Doom Cube

CA_CUBE - Sold Out

Chibi Darkling Assassin

CA_DRKA - Sold Out

Acid-Scarred Max

LI_ACID - Sold Out

Marioling Chef

LI_CHEF - Sold Out

Constrictor Atlanson

LI_CONS - Sold Out

Dutch Open Rat and Cheeses

LI_DO08 - Sold Out

Koala w/weapons

LI_EUCK - Sold Out

Football Frogman

LI_FRGM - Sold Out

Frog with Football

LI_FROG - Sold Out

Goblin Commentator

LI_GOBC - Sold Out

Garak Grigolson

LI_GRGG - Sold Out

Halfling Benchwarmer

LI_HASP - Sold Out

Ice Trolless

LI_ICET - Sold Out

Juergen Demonfeeder

LI_JGDM - Sold Out

Krefft the Despised

LI_KEFT - Sold Out

Lova Taytoopoo

LI_LOVA - Sold Out

Football Chimp

LI_MNKY - Sold Out

World Cup Ogre

LI_NAFO - Sold Out

Potion Peddler (3 heads)

LI_PPD3 - Sold Out

Sark Four-Eyes

LI_SARK - Sold Out

Willum "Da Freezer" Scarey

LI_SBDF - Sold Out

Snake Sanders

LI_SNAK - Sold Out

SSB Orc Thrower

LI_SSBO - Sold Out

NAF World Cup Blitzer

LI_WCB - Sold Out

NAF World Cup Catcher

LI_WCC - Sold Out

NAF World Cup Lineman #1

LI_WCL1 - Sold Out

NAF World Cup Lineman #2

LI_WCL2 - Sold Out

NAF World Cup Thrower

LI_WCT - Sold Out

NAF World Cup Team (12 figures)

LI_WCTM - Sold Out

Weather Goblins Set

LI_WGOB - Sold Out




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