Want to make your own Custom Miniature?

Impact! is willing to help you get your own figure for a special event. Here are the rules:

  • 1 - You must contact us a minimum of 9 months before you need the miniatures for your event.
  • 2 - The figure you want should be a single piece 28 mm figure no larger than Orc sized. A concept sketch or a very detailed description of your figure is required with your initial contact. This information should be emailed to: orders@impactminiatures.com
  • . We have professional sketch artists that can help bring your concept to life.
  • 3 - We will contact you within 1 week to let you know if we can get your miniature for you. We will endeavour to accomodate as many requests for special event figures as possible but may not be able to accept every request.
  • 4 - If we agree to work on your figure, we will work with the sketch artist, sculptor and metal caster and you to create your miniature.
  • 5 - The cost of the project will normally be between $800 to $1300 USD which would provide you about 100 copies of your concept.
  • 6 - You can do this figure in one of two ways.
    • a - Your figure can be an exclusive for your event in which case you will fully pay for the entire project and can let us know the total number you wish to order. (This is a $1000 to $1300 charge for 100 copies of a human size figure).
    • b - You can have your figure become a permanent part of the Impact! range. If you do this the charge will be between $800 to $1000 and you have the opportunity to get your investment in the miniature back. We will wait until 2 months after your event to give you time to sell advance copies of the figures. Once we add the figure to the store, we will pay you 25% of the retail price of the figure every time we CAST your figure (ie we pay you before we even get the sales for the figure). These payments will continue until you've received back your original investment plus an additional 10% profit. If you are able to sell 40 of your figures during the 2 months pre-sell, we would normally expect you to recover your investment back in 12 to 24 months IF your concept sells as most of our figures do.
  • 7 - Due to contracts with our artists and sculptors we will need to cast an extra 30 figures to provide to the artists. Impact! will cover the cost of casting the extra 30 figures to keep our professional artists happy.
  • 8 - Payment will need to be done after each phase of the project is complete. Which would be sketch work phase; sculpting phase; and moulding/casting phase


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