Welcome to Impact! Miniatures

Impact! is home to several great resin and pewter miniatures and sport related games all priced to give you great entertainment for not much money spent.

Normal store open! but our 3-D Print Shop closed until October 17th!

You can place an order for a print below but please know that we will not be able to start working on it until October 17th. We need to send the printers into the shop for maintenance and so will be down for about 5 weeks. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you are not in a hurry, you can definitely submit your order and it will be processed as soon as possible at our money saving prices and great durable material.

Impact! 3-D Printing Service

Have a file you'd like Impact! to 3-D print for you in high quality durable (not brittle) resin at 1/20th of a mm of detail at 40% less and half the time of other popular 3-D printing services?
All you need to do is TWO steps: (if you do not finish the 2nd step I cannot print your file for you!)
1st - upload the files using this link: Upload File for 3-D printing here and then
2nd - fill out our 3-D print contact form with your information (specifically email and country).
I will get working on your prints as quickly as possible (most prints ship within 5 days of payment for the prints).
Normal unmounted heroes (like provided by services like Hero Forge cost $6 to $9 to print. Mounted figures (like on a horse or motorcycle) or normally $16 to $20. Shipping is a one time fee no matter how many prints are ordered and is $5 for orders going to the USA, $10 for Canada and $15 for Rest of World.
To save money on your print Impact! recommends not putting any name on the bottom of your base as it can easily add $1 or more to the cost to print your figurine.

Capsule Chibi Crate

A monthly subscription box filled with create Chibi miniatures Would you like to receive a suprise box each month of the best unpainted chibi character miniatures? Or how about a gift for a difficult to shop for friend?
Sign up for Capsule Chibi Crate! A monthly box of 5 or more chibi miniatures will show up each month and the longer you subscribe, the less expensive each box becomes!

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