Gift Certificates range

Impact! Miniatures is proud to bring bring you a variety of amount of gift certificates that you can give to friends or relatives. You will be electronically sent a copy of the gift certificate if you wish to print it out along with a number for the gift certificate and a special code you'll need to use it. Impact! gift certificates never expire. If you purchase a small gift certificate without any mailable product and are charged shipping the cost of the shipping will be added to the gift certificate amount.

Gift Certificate (100)

GF_100 - £84.79

Gift Certificate (75)

GF_75 - £63.60

Gift Certificate (50)

GF_50 - £42.40

Gift Certificate (25)

GF_25 - £21.20

Gift Certificate (20)

GF_20 - £16.96

Gift Certificate (15)

GF_15 - £12.72

Gift Certificate (10)

GF_10 - £8.48

Gift Certificate (5)

GF_5 - £4.24




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