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*ALL miniatures are supplied unpainted*

A Band of Orcs Guitarist Gronk!

Sculpted by: Patrick Keith
Designed by:
Painted by:
Height in mm 29.0


$8.00 USD
8.01 Euros
$11.71 CAD
$11.49 AUD

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Gronk!, whose name translates to the-rumbling-sound-of-earth-quake-that-preceeds-the-volcano-eruption in your miserable human language, serves as the bands shamanic ancestor spirit medium. On Mondays, he believes he channels Steve Harris; on Tuesdays its Geezer Butler, on Wednesdays Cliff Burton and on Thursdays the will of Great Gzoroth, the Chaos Dragon, who foretells of the coming Domination. The rest of the time he channels himself. Gronk! plays bass guitar only with genuine, hand-crafted, dwarf-gut strings, because he believes anything else unsuitable to his brutal calling. The shaman uses his spiritual powers to level-up the band before battles and shows. When not propitiating ancestor spirits, summoning things from Beyond (be it purposely or accidentally), or preaching the Domination, Gronk! likes to drop stuff from high places and watch it splat against the ground. In battle he wields a headsmans axe, a magic staff, and tricksy spirit spells.

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NOTE 2: All figures are cast in lead free White Metal or Trollforged resin and due to their size and often sharp points and small pieces should be kept away from children under 14.

NOTE 3: Many figures require light assembly in order to create a dynamic pose that is impossible to cast as a single piece. We do our best to list this on the figure description but we might miss it here or there and so please be aware that some figures need a bit of super glue to put them together.

NOTE 4: Any figure with a star (*) after the sculptor's name was submitted to Impact! using our Targeted Impact agreement. This means the sculptor received no up front money for the figure and is only paid commissions of the sales of the figure.

(method to work every time):

1. Wash the figures with any liquid soap with a degreaser agent. Dawn dish soap and Dasty both work great for this.
2. After the figures dry you should prime them with a spray primer with a self-etching agent. So far we have not found any brush on primers that are self-etching. The following primers all have self-etching agents and work great: Tamiya Fine Surface Primer, Rust-oleum Self Etching Primer, Dupli-Color Plastic Primer, Duplicolor Sandable Primer, and Krylon Primer for metal and plastic.

Specs: Trollcast is a hard (75D) heat resistant plastic resin. It is much harder, and tougher, than normal resin. Trollcast can withstand 320F, and can handle prolonged exposure at 150F with ease (so our Australian friends should not have any problems during the summer). It can be super-glued together, and takes standard miniature paints easily (we recommend you wash the figures first with warm water, soap and a toothbrush to remove any mold release agent that might still be on the miniature.)

Safety: Trollcast should never be exposed to direct flame. Other than this , Trollcast has no special safety precautions, the dust in non- carcinogenic. However: all material dusts will irritate the lining of the lungs, and make existing conditions worse, so we recommend wearing a dust mask. Better safe than sorry!

Trollcast is safe to expose to INDIRECT heat. Unlike many plastics (PVC etc.) it does not give off toxic vapours. Heating Trollcast to 320F from indirect heat is safe, and a good way to soften the material in order to reposition parts (then plunge into cold water to set). AGAIN DO NOT EXPOSE TROLLCAST TO AN OPEN FLAME. Heck .. do not expose any resin or plastic toy from any company to direct flame. It is just a REALLY bad idea okay.

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